The Perfectly Structure Of Your Assignment

When taking tertiary education, there are usually a lot of assignments to write. It is challenging at some point. The primary thing to do is to begin writing your paper immediately. However, it is very wrong to start writing without the correct assignment structure. Some students take a lot of time writing the body without the proper structure which annoys the professors and lecturers leading to failure. If you structure your essay well, you end up highlighting the main points to build on your case.

The basic assignment structure

Different disciplines require different structures. However, there are some universal principles which must be followed when writing your assignment. All assignments must show, introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the introduction lay out the subject of your assignment. In the second part, advance your ideas, in the body of the assignment. And in conclusion, demonstrate your findings. It is important to remind you that the requirements of each discipline must be at the back of your mind. So that you won’t break the basic elements of the subject to present a hollow assignment. In some disciplines like science, the students write hypotheses followed by inferences after the three-structure format. That is not the case with nursing or marketing case study. Here is a step by step guide on how best you should write your Assignment.

  1. Introduction

This is the vital part of your assignment. Give general information about the subject. Write an exciting introduction to capture and maintain the attention of your professor. Your background information should be clear, ensure that you highlight the issue in question well. You can either use a deductive or inductive method.

a.) Inductive Method

In this method, the writer advances from known to unknown. ( specific to general). It is a ‘down-up’ style. For example, one can say,” I must reward my students tomorrow because they passed the examination.” In this example, we started with specific information ( my reward) followed by the general information.

b.) Deductive Method

In this method, the writer moves from general to specific information. For instance, one may say,” Since my students passed the examination, I will reward them” In this example, the writer, moves from general introduction to the specific reason why the students are rewarded.


  1. The main Body of the Assignment

The research findings must be stated in the body of the assignment. You should discuss all the points which were raised in the introduction. Good paragraphs will make an incredible body. Structure your paragraphs in a good way so that the main ideas come out clearly. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence which helps the reader know what you are talking about. The main purpose in each paragraph must remain the main thing your paragraph. Do not treat your illustrations as the main points in your assignment.

Consider how to discuss your idea. The best way is to link all your paragraphs together. The ideas must be closely linked to having the flow of your assignment. Do not present a jumbled work. Use linking words. You begin by drawing a map of what to do. Decide on the key areas which connect different parts of your assignment. Use themes or styles to link up the ideas in the paragraphs. The direction you pick when writing it should be very clear to the reader. The reader should never strain to understand the point you raised. When you link your paragraphs your lecturer will never strain to understand the ideas you bring forth.

The topic sentences should be followed by supporting sentences. All the raised ideas must be supported with facts. Then close the paragraph by linking back to the point you made in the topic sentence. This method ensures that your professor does not lose track of your ideas.


  1. Conclusion

Finally, sum up your argument in conclusion. This is merely a summary of the main ideas raised in the assignment. The students should remind their professor the critical argument and the intervention made. It is crucial to recall that all assignments must follow that format in totality. And again it is advantageous to be more creative when writing your assignment to meet the requirement of your lecturer or professor. Here is an example of a reasonable conclusion of an essay;

In conclusion, writing your assignments as prescribed in the students manual gives you, your dream grade. Structure of your assignment will determine what you score. The quality of your essay will be compromised if the structure and format are ignored. However, the guiding principles of each discipline must not be forgotten when writing your assignment. “

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